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Alex Here. 

This is my all-time favorite Shakespeare passage:

There is a tide in the affairs of men,

Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;

Omitted, all the voyage of their life

Is bound in shallows and in miseries.

On such a full sea are we now afloat,

And we must take the current when it serves

Or lose our ventures.

In every man’s life comes the moment – that precious moment – when it is time to act. One must seize the day… the opportunity… the trade… or destiny fades.

In the next few minutes, I am going to present to you what could potentially be the biggest trade of your life. (It has to do with The Collective.)

“Biggest trade of your life.” Am I joking around? No. I’m dead serious.

Reward to risk is measured by “R.” If you buy a stock with $2 per share of risk and $10 of upside, that is a potential 5R trade.

Your potential R on this “trade” is so big it’s almost ridiculous to put down a number. It could have an R of 10,000… 100,000… or even a million. That sounds wild, I know. And I can obviously make no guarantees as to what you will accomplish.

But I think when you finish reading this, you will agree. I think you will say “Wow, Alex is right. That seven-figure-R could be real.”

Let me take a few minutes to tell you about this “trade” in full. You’ll have all the info you need by the time you finish.

In the next few pages you will find out

  • The full vision for The Collective 
  • Why we need to charge for it (and why you benefit)
  • The “Biggest Trade”
  • What you’ll receive… and what you need to do
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This is powerful stuff. If your Collective experience doesn’t radically transform you as an investor, or at minimum show you the door for such transformation – after all, only you can walk through it – I will eat a deck of playing cards. You can come to Austin and watch.

Lao Tzu said: “He who has mastery over others is powerful. He who has mastery over himself is more powerful still.” We want you to tap the core of incredible energy and resources deep inside yourself and become the full measure of who you can be… a 21st century Highlander if you will… one of the most radically powerful human beings on the planet.

And why do we want this?

So that you can join Chris, Brandon, and I – and your fellow Operators – in carrying out one of the most awesome trading visions ever conceived.

Can we deliver? Consider the following documented testimonials and decide for yourself:

“WOW! The information you provide is like opening the best presents at every holiday… You are the best investment I have ever made in self-improvement…” – S.B.

“Reading [The Collective] for me these days is like sitting in Carnegie Hall listening to a Mozart symphony. I am very encouraged that it all makes perfect sense to me and I realize that even 2 years ago this material might as well have been written in Sanskrit.” – G.Z.

“The Collective just keeps getting better and better… my perspectives on life and trading are changing for the better…” – J.M.

“I am extremely excited to be a part of The Collective as it continues to unfold. Pardon my French, but the stuff you guys are working on putting together is truly some next-level shit…” – G.V.

“Of all the trading material online, and I’ve seen most of it, nobody comes close to what you offer…” -A.P.

“As you’re well aware this path can be excessively isolating to an individual’s psyche so it is a pleasure beyond measure to have found kindred spirits. Your voice has echoed and validated many of the thoughts, ideas and struggles I’ve had, and to be honest, is nothing short of miraculous to me…” – D.Z.

“Your work is a true inspiration…” – A.C.

What we do is radically unique. There’s Macro Ops… and then there is everyone else. That’s why our roster of MO Collective members includes:

  • veteran traders and investors

  • prop desk traders

  • options market makers

  • angel investors and venture capitalists

  • trend followers and mechanical traders

  • seasoned hedge fund managers

  • registered investment advisors

  • seed fund capital allocators

  • investment bankers

  • sovereign wealth fund managers (the largest pools of capital on the planet!)

  • business owners

  • poker players

  • college students

  • hungry individuals brand new to trading and investing

So what exactly IS The Macro Ops Collective??

In a nutshell, the MO Collective is an over the shoulder look at the real-time trading and investing decisions of myself and my two partners: Chris and Brandon.

It is not a trading “newsletter,” not a trading “chat room,” and not an online trading university — but rather a unique hybrid of all three.

But really the Collective is much more than that. Calling it a “trading service” doesn’t do it justice.

To really sense the power of the Collective, you simply have to experience it for yourself. (Which is why we offer a subscription that is risk-free, with a 60-day money-back guarantee.)

As active money managers trading a substantial portion of our own net worth, we are aggressive traders who place a high premium on capital preservation. We “eat our own cooking” and put real dollars at risk on every trade we make.


As a Collective subscriber, you will benefit from our depth of experience and diverse backgrounds.

Between the three of us (Chris, Brandon, and I), we’ve got more than 40 years of professional market experience covering a diverse array of asset classes and market approaches.

This makes the Collective a valuable resource for traders and investors alike.

For example, Active traders appreciate our frequency of trade setups – along with our real-time broadcasts of entry and exit points.

Longer-term investors are attracted to the Collective because of investment idea generation and deep commentary focus on individual sectors and industries.

And all subscribers benefit from our “top-down market perspective,” and our ability to analyze key drivers of all market environments.

By design, the Collective is extremely easy to use. “Clean, powerful and intuitive” are three words we often hear to describe it.

So now let’s demonstrate just how easy, with a quick run-through as to how the Collective works…

Here’s what you get on the reg when you join the MO Collective:

Critical Market Intelligence

Market Briefs: written by me (Alex) on a regular basis, usually weekly or bi-weekly depending on the market action. Here are a few examples:

Value Ventures: A monthly report written by our resident value investor, Brandon Beylo. Here’s an example: 

Education: Trade and Investing Theory

The Vault: Once you join the Collective you’ll get access to our entire Vault and everything that comes with it. What is the Vault? 

It’s a continuously evolving collection of all the things we’ve learned and shared with the group about trading and investing. This includes materials such as:

  • Book Notes: We’re huge readers here at MO and we take extensive notes on every book we read and then share them with the group. Here’s a few examples: 

  • Theory pieces: I use the Collective as an extension of my trading brain. Whenever I have an aha’ moment or have a new idea about trading and investing, I write it up and share it with the group. This includes pieces like this:

  • Video Classes and Webinars: Our aim is to continue to grow the Collective into the most valuable trading and investing tool/resource in the world. A key part of this is to continue to build out our classes on key processes and ideas. Here’s a screenshot of just a few of the mini-courses currently available. 

Community: Iron Sharpens Iron

This is my favorite part of the MO Collective… The community. When you join up you get full access to our Private Slack group where the MO team and fellow Operators from around the world spend a good chunk of time each day shooting the sh*t about everything from health hacks...

To position sizing...

To sharing research and trade ideas as well as planning local meetups and get-togethers. 

I can say with 100% conviction that our community of traders and investors is THE BEST on the internet and it’s not even close. 

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Time To Take The Red Pill
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We have been told, by multiple people, that the core concept behind the Collective is a work of genius — or at minimum sheer brilliance.

Yet the power of the Collective isn’t a testimony to the brilliance of any one individual. It’s all about evolution… and in that regard, persistence far outranks IQ.

We have been working on improving the Collective — tinkering, iterating, experimenting, refining — for years now.

It started as a very rough idea. Then it grew… took on a life of its own… evolved.

Evolution is central to all progress. When you know what to look for, you see it everywhere. The great ideas, the great strategies, the great masterworks, do not spring forth like Athena from Zeus’ forehead. They are a product of experimenting, observing, refining and testing… with talent and serendipity mixed in.

That’s a big reason too, by the way, that things have taken a while to get rolling. We haven’t been dawdling our thumbs. We’ve been giving the evolutionary process time and room to work.

This is my all-time favorite Nietzsche quote: “Many are stubborn in pursuit of the path they have chosen, few in pursuit of the goal.”

All along — for more than four years now — Macro Ops has had the same basic goals. We’ve tinkered with the path, but the goals are rock steady:

• Build an awesome community of traders and investors.

• Help those traders… and help them help each other.

• Kick ass in markets.

• Have lots of fun.

• Be the best at what do.

Over these last four years, we have received some tremendous accolades from our subscribers. 

Needless to say, we greatly appreciate the feedback.

But don’t take their word for it – see for yourself by taking advantage of our 60-day Money-Back Guarantee.

To get started, simply click on the “SUBSCRIBE” link below.

There is absolutely no risk! If you cancel within the first 60 days, we will refund your payment. No strings attached. You can request a refund any time within the first 60 days with a simple email.

If you have further questions we are happy to answer personally – simply email Alex@ or Tyler@

Be also aware that seats are limited, pricing can rise any time, and we reserve the right “close” the Collective to new subscribers at any time.

We have already raised the price multiple times due to demand… By signing up now, you can ensure a seat and lock in the current low rate for a guaranteed two years.

So don’t delay – get your RISK-FREE subscription right now! Simply go here to get started, or click the link below.

To your trading success!

Remember, here's what you get as a Collective member:

Special Enrollment Period Ends On Sunday, January 19th at 11:59PM!

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Make sure to fill out the order form below by January 19th, at 11:59PM to secure your spot in the Macro Ops Collective! Once you do that, you’ll get an email directly from me on how to get started.

Remember, here’s what you get:
What:  A professional-grade investment research and education suite with access to a community of elite macro traders from around the world.

When: Weekly releases of macro analysis, single stock deep dives, thought pieces, theory and real time trade intel. Also daily touch points with Alex and the rest of the Collective inside of the Comm Center.


Why: You need the best tactics and research to successfully navigate late cycle markets which are notoriously tough to trade. To generate stellar risk-adjusted returns you need to work with a team of individuals dedicated to the craft of global macro.


How: Chat room access, email notifications, and full access to the Collective area of the Macro Ops membership site.


How Much: Monthly subscriptions starting at $197.50 a month, Yearly subscriptions starting at $1975.00 a year, Lifetime access for two installments of $2962.50.

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